Friday, June 11, 2010

Pippo the Fool Inspires Little Nippers Top 10

Pippo the Fool
Written by Tracey E. Fern
Illustrated by Pau Estrada

Recommended for ages 4-8. This book takes place in Florence, Italy and is based on the true story of Renaissance architect and engineer Filippo Brunelleschi. Filippo is an odd duck. He spends his time designing “peculiar machines no one needed and sketching outlandish structures no one wanted to build.” The townspeople did not take him seriously. In fact he was known throughout Florence as Pippo the Fool. Until one day there was a contest. The powers that be wanted to build a dome over the great Cathedral; the Santa Maria del Fiore. No one knew how to build this dome, not even the greatest of architects. However, after weeks of preparation, hard work and determination, Pippo the Fool entered the contest and won respect from all of Italy! A truly inspirational story! I highly recommend this book. When my children discovered that the story was true, they were amazed and began sketching structures that they could one day build themselves!

After recently discovering this delightful story, I embarked on a mission to find equally engaging stories that represent other cultures. What I found was so many wonderful stories that it was hard to choose a favorite! Check out my complete list on Winning Readings. Each of the books on my top 10 list are equally wonderful and they are perfect for story time or at school! To view, just click on the link in the sidebar under:
Top 10 Cultural Books.

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