Friday, July 23, 2010


I do believe that I must be the only parent alive who has not read The Polar Express. (That is, until recently.)

Furthermore, not only was I completely unaware of this beautiful story, I had never heard of Chris Van Allsburg! It wasn’t until I took on a project of researching children’s books for titles that contain messages regarding respect for the environment that I stumbled upon this magnificent author.

It all began with the book entitled Just a Dream. In this story, there is a young boy who dreams about a future earth that is devastated by pollution and this dream changes his way of thinking forever. For anyone who hasn’t read this book yet, it is a brilliantly written story full of magic and wonder. I immediately fell in love with it and once I realized that it was written by the same author who wrote The Polar Express and Jumanji, I became intrigued. I went to the library in search of every book ever written by Chris Van Allsburg and we spent weeks enjoying his many magical tales at story time.

I must say, I am now in complete awe of this man! He writes with such imagination! His stories are both mystifying and captivating upstaged only by his artwork. From black and white drawings to full color pastel paintings his illustrations are exquisite. I am delighted to have found this remarkable storyteller.

Check out my families favorites:
The Sweetest Fig: A story about two very magical figs.

The Widow’s Broom: A tale about a widow and her relationship with a witches broom.

Two Bad Ant’s: A look at our world from an ant's perspective.

(And of course…The Polar Express: The very moving Christmas story that was made into a major motion picture.)


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  2. My kids loved reading Chris Van Allsburg's books. Their favorites were Jumanji and Zathura - good movies too.