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When I was a child, I despised history! It wasn’t until I was in college that my perspective changed with the help of a brilliant professor who made history fun! He would literally jump on tables and reenact battles right in front of us. Since then, I have a deep love of history. Now, as a Mom of two, I wanted to extend this appreciation to my children with the help of a few great books:


Pink and Say
Written and Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Patricia Polacco writes eloquently about the true story of her great-grandfather who after being wounded during the Civil War encountered another Union soldier that left a lasting impression. It is a deeply moving story that is not only about friendship and courage but about slavery and the harsh treatment of African Americans during that time. It will bring you to tears.

Written by Eve Bunting. Illustrated by Greg Shed.

This is a tender and honest story of one family’s journey west and the emotional anguish they endured. Leaving the comfort of their home in Illinois, they traveled for weeks by wagon to the desolate Nebraska Territory where their nearest neighbor lived 3 hours away. Once they arrived, they had to plant crops, dig for water and build their own house as well as become accustomed to living away from their loved ones and everything they knew.

Washington is Burning
Written by Marty Rhodes Figley. Illustrated by Craig Orback.

This book tells the tale of the British attack on Washington, DC during the War of 1812 from the perspective of First Lady Dolley Madison and Paul Jennings, a slave that lived in the White House. With simple clarity the author describes the courage and determination of these two people as they watched the battle at Bladensburg move closer to their home. In addition, it describes their attempt to save a portrait of George Washington that because of their fortitude, still hangs today.

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