Saturday, April 2, 2011


This month my pre-school class engaged in an All About Me unit and as the teacher, I needed to find books that were focused on identity, family and emotions for toddlers. What I found was an amazing amount of books available on confidence and self-esteem for all ages. The following is a list of my favorites:

A Bad Case of Stripes
Written and Illustrated by David Shannon. Ages 4-8.

Camilla Cream is so worried about what the other kids think of her that she refuses to eat her favorite food! Lima beans are apparently unpopular with the other kids at school and she’s afraid if she eats them she’ll be laughed at. However, her body clearly needs them as she discovers after contracting a very unusual disease; she is literally covered from head to toe in rainbow colored stripes! A Bad Case of Stripes is an amusing, spellbinding tale of self-respect like no other. As her stripes change to stars, polka-dots and checkerboard squares, Camilla realizes that being well liked is less important than being yourself.

I Like Myself
Written by Karen Beaumont. Illustrated by David Catrow.
Ages Pre-School-Grade 2

Energetic and fun, this is indeed a wonderful tale of a young girl who has an abundance of poise and self-confidence. No matter what someone else may think or say, she’s too busy being herself to let anyone bother her. Even if she had fleas or warts or a silly snout that snorts, she still has a sense of self-worth! I applaud the author for her witty and clever narrative, as I truly love this book!

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