Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Kid's Guide to Being a Winner

By C.D Shelton
Illustrated by Greg G. Gillespie

It’s a fact; when you ask a child to define the word respect many will become tongue-tied, however, if asked what a brontosaurus is most of them can answer! This is an interesting observation that I cannot take credit for. Fortunately, my two children attend Tae Kwon Do with a very insightful teacher who has not only made this observation but has taught them the meaning of the word respect.

Nevertheless, it is a tough concept for young children to grasp. Recently, however, I’ve discovered a book that can help parents teach the meaning behind this very important word along with a few others. A Kid’s Guide to Being a Winner by author C.D Shelton is written for the young reader and is an excellent resource. C.D Shelton knows how to reach kids! This book is straightforward and easy to read. And although it is not your typical story book it successfully captures the attention of its targeted audience. My children have asked to read it quite frequently.

Every spread has an illustration that corresponds to the text and teaches the meaning of the words: Responsible; Thoughtful; Respect; Gratitude and Positive Mental Attitude.

At my house, we read this book in an interactive way. At the beginning of each chapter I asked my children to try to define the meaning of the highlighted word and after every page I asked them to describe the illustration and find the meaning behind each. For example; after we looked at an illustration that showed 2 children holding baseball equipment in their hands, knocking on the door of a house with a broken window, I asked “How is this child being responsible?” The responses that follow usually initiate many more discussions.

I honestly cannot say enough about this book. Parents and teachers, I urge you to seek it out for your youngsters! It can be found on Amazon.

Thank you C.D Shelton for writing such an inspirational book that addresses the values I’m trying to instill in my children!

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